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Mundy’s Mill High School Bands
Room: 402
Office Phone: 678.817.3000

Lewis Sharpe Jr. - Director of Bands

Jarodney Roberts – Assistant Director


To inspire a lifelong love of music by fostering excellence in performance and musicianship through a world-class comprehensive band program. After the course, the student will be able to:

•    Develop technically skilled and expressive musicians who confidently perform a diverse repertoire of music from various styles and cultures.

•    Master fundamental and advanced instrumental techniques, ensuring accurate intonation and rhythm both individually and as an ensemble.

•    Fluently utilize music theory concepts to analyze, discuss, and perform music with greater understanding and depth.

•    Cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving skills to independently recognize and refine aspects of musicality like pitch, rhythm, articulation, and dynamics.


The Mundy's Mill HS Band program believes in nurturing musical talent through personalized learning paths. We achieve this through a tiered system that groups students by skill level, ensuring steady progress and the joy of playing throughout their high school journey.

Beginning Concert Band (9th Grade): 

Ideal for: Musicians in their first year, ready to embark on their musical adventure.
•    Take your first steps toward musical mastery! 
•    This class is where you'll discover and develop your skills on various instruments (Woodwind, Brass, and Percussion). 
•    Strong foundational training equips you with the essential techniques to build a solid musical base. 
•    Daily rehearsals with diverse repertoire keep you engaged and learning.

Symphonic Band:

Open to: 2nd-4th year musicians seeking a stimulating and competitive musical environment.
•    Hone your skills and reach new heights in this intermediate/advanced ensemble. 
•    Audition-based (GMEA Grade 4-6 music level), ensuring a dedicated and high-achieving group. 
•    Challenge yourself with complex musical arrangements and experience the thrill of performance.
•    Mandatory GMEA Large Group Performance Evaluation and encouraged GMEA All-State Band auditions push you to excel.


Jazz Ensemble:

Exclusively for: 2nd-4th year musicians with exceptional skills and a passion for jazz.
•    Unleash your inner improviser in this premier group for seasoned musicians!
•    Audition-based (GMEA Grade 5-6 music level), attracting top talent and fostering a high-caliber ensemble.
•    Dive into the world of jazz, exploring improvisation, swing, and unique musical styles.
•    Collaborate with the Symphonic Band for GMEA Large Group Performance Evaluation.
•    Challenge yourself further with GMEA All-State Band auditions in Concert/Symphonic or Jazz categories.

Marching Band:

Perfect for: Musicians who love the energy and camaraderie of marching band.
•    Show your school spirit and musical talent in this dynamic ensemble!
•    Open to all band members, regardless of tier, fostering a united and supportive community.
•    Exciting performances and competitions showcase your dedication and teamwork.
•    Rehearsals are incorporated into other band classes, maximizing efficiency and attendance.


Being a part of a band comes with both fun and responsibility. To ensure everyone enjoys the journey and contributes to the magic of music, here are some expectations for our class:

•    Instruments: Aim for an intermediate/professional quality instrument in top condition. Please treat it with respect and address any maintenance promptly.
•    Essential Gear: Pack a pencil, metronome, and music folder for every rehearsal. They're your musical sidekicks, keeping you on track and organized.
•    Practice Makes Progress: Commit to a minimum of 2 hours of independent practice per week. This personal training session builds your musical muscles and unlocks your potential.
•    Performance Preparation: Arrive at rehearsals highly proficient in your assigned music. Mastering your part isn't just about you, it fuels collaborative magic!
•    Commitment and Collaboration: Embrace ownership, active listening, and continuous improvement. Your dedication powers our musical journey.
•    Mutual Respect and Support: Treat everyone with respect and foster a supportive environment where everyone feels valued.
•    My Commitment: I'll choose exciting music and create engaging rehearsals. Together, we'll make music that moves!
•    Remember, your dedication and collaboration are key. Let's embark on a transformative musical journey together!


Students are expected to have all materials at every rehearsal. These materials include but are not limited to:
Assigned Music Folder
A pencil at all rehearsals

At least three functional reeds at all times
Rovner Ligature
Neck strap (if applicable)
Cork grease (if applicable)

Valve oil or slide cream

1 Pair Vic Firth SD1 Snare Drum Sticks
1 Pair Mike Balter Medium Unwound Xylophone Mallets
1 Pair Vic Firth American Custom Timpani Mallets
1 Pair Grover Soft Yellow Yarn Mallets
Stick bag
Practice Pad


Band materials will be provided in two formats to accommodate individual learning styles and preferences:
Hard Copy Distribution: All band pieces will be distributed as printed sheet music. This traditional format allows for tactile engagement and easy annotation during rehearsals.
Digital Access: Students may access digital versions of all assigned music through the band website: This convenient option enables practice flexibility and accessibility from any device.

Responsibility and Organization
Each band member is responsible for obtaining and maintaining a copy of each assigned piece, regardless of the chosen format. Band folders will be provided to facilitate organization and protect sheet music from wear and tear. Students are encouraged to develop a system for filing and accessing their music efficiently.

Commitment to Musical Literacy
Regular review and practice using either the hard copy or digital format is essential for developing strong musical literacy and performance skills. Familiarity with assigned music before rehearsals allows for optimal utilization of rehearsal time and contributes to the collective success of the ensemble.

By effectively utilizing the available resources and practicing consistent responsibility, students can ensure a smooth and fulfilling musical journey throughout the semester.


Grading will be largely contingent on the student’s ability to play assigned materials. Students will be responsible for practicing the assigned material outside of the school day. Since this is an ensemble class, daily participation is an integral part of the class. Having all the required supplies at every rehearsal is essential to our success. If you miss performances, it is almost impossible to receive an A or B in the class. If a performance is missed an alternate assignment may be given depending on the legitimacy of the absence.

Without proper rehearsal etiquette, we cannot achieve the high standards for which we strive. Your final grade will be determined by:

Preparation of Music (prior to rehearsal)
Degree of professionalism exhibited in rehearsals and performances.
Attendance and promptness to performances.
Attendance and promptness to rehearsals.
Attendance and promptness to sectionals as called.


Grading breakdown:
15% - Homework (SmartMusic Assessments) 
25% - Classwork (Daily Participation)
10% - Quizzes (Breezin Thru Theory Assignments) 
10% - Projects (Rehearsals)
20% - Tests (Performances)
20% - Final Exam

Members of the Symphonic and Concert Bands and Jazz Ensemble will present between 1 and 4 concerts a semester. Concerts are required formal events for all band students. It is the nature of this subject that materials are presented in a professional, public format, which is unique to the arts classes. Students may not be excused from concerts for any reasons not predetermined by the Band Directors. Students will be required to dress appropriately for their performance and must stay for the duration of the entire concert.


While uniforms play a vital role in creating a unified band image, we also value individual expression. Here's an overview of our attire guidelines:

Ensemble Identity:
Females: Opt for an elegant black, knee-length dress (floor-length options are welcome but not mandatory).
Males: Choose a sophisticated black tuxedo and white tuxedo shirt with a black bow tie.

Jewelry: For a touch of personal flair, females may wear pearl earrings and necklaces only. Please avoid other jewelry to maintain a clean and uniform look.
Footwear: Both genders should wear black socks and dress shoes. Opt for shoes that are comfortable and allow for movement.

Individual Expression:
While a unified appearance is important, we encourage subtle touches of personalization within the outlined guidelines. For example, females can choose different dress styles and hairstyles within the black, knee-length range. Males can personalize their look with subtle variations in tie design or pocket squares.

Neatness and tidiness are paramount. Ensure your chosen attire is clean, wrinkle-free, and well-maintained.
Comfort is key. Choose garments that allow you to move freely and play your instrument without restriction.
Confidence is essential. Wear your attire with pride and embrace your role as part of the Mundy's Mill High School Band!


Consistent attendance and punctuality are crucial for individual growth and ensuring our ensembles thrive. Here's what we value in this regard:

Your presence matters: We prioritize having everyone present for every rehearsal. It enhances the learning environment, fosters collaboration, and optimizes our musical journey.

Life happens: We understand unforeseen circumstances might arise. If an absence is unavoidable, please notify your director with proper documentation in advance. Valid excused absences will not negatively impact your standing.

Early is on time: Arriving a few minutes early allows for settling in, instrument preparation, and warm-up, fostering a smooth and productive start.

Respecting our time: For class rehearsals, you have 5 minutes after the final bell to be in place and "ready to play." Punctuality for all other rehearsals is expected from the designated start time, requiring you to arrive beforehand.

By embracing these expectations, you contribute to a dedicated and collaborative atmosphere where everyone flourishes. Remember, your commitment plays a vital role in shaping our collective musical success!


Absences will be handled according to the policies outlined in the Clayton County Public Schools Student Handbook.



Creating a Harmonious Learning Environment: Band Class Guidelines and Expectations

The Mundy's Mill Band program thrives on mutual respect, focus, and collaborative effort. To ensure a positive and productive learning environment for everyone, we embrace the following guidelines:

Be attentive and ready to learn: Arrive on time, come prepared with your materials, and be fully present during class.

Treat everyone with kindness: Avoid profanity, derogatory language, and any behavior that disrupts others.
Respect the space and equipment: Handle instruments and classroom resources with care.

Listen actively: Follow directions the first time given and stay engaged during instructional time.

Minimize distractions: Put away electronic devices and refrain from unnecessary talking.

Stay in your assigned seat: This helps maintain order and facilitates effective learning.

Engage actively: Ask questions, participate in discussions, and contribute positively to the ensemble.
Support your peers: Celebrate successes, offer encouragement, and create a team spirit.
Embrace challenges: Be willing to learn from mistakes and strive for continuous improvement.

While we believe in positive reinforcement, addressing disruptive behavior is essential for maintaining a productive learning environment. In situations where guidelines are not followed, these steps may be taken:

•    First offense: Verbal reminder and redirection.
•    Second offense: Written reflection assignment and parent notification.
•    Third offense: Detention and potential loss of participation points.
•    Severe behavior: Immediate office referral and parent contact.

Remember, your commitment to these guidelines contributes to a harmonious and enriching learning experience for everyone. Together, we can create a band classroom that fosters musical growth, collaboration, and joy!


The Mundy's Mill Band program is a platform for individual artistry within a collaborative tapestry of sound. Here, we cultivate a professional environment where mutual respect, focused dedication, and collaborative spirit are the cornerstones of our musical endeavors.

The guidelines outlined in this syllabus serve as a roadmap for a successful and enriching semester. Your adherence to these expectations fosters an atmosphere conducive to optimal learning, growth, and artistic expression. Remember, each member contributes a unique voice to our ensemble, and your commitment to these principles plays a vital role in harmonizing our collective passion for music. Embrace the challenges, celebrate the successes, and never lose sight of the joy that music brings. By working together, we can transform notes on a page into breathtaking symphonies that resonate within us and inspire the world around us.

Welcome to the Mundy's Mill Band. Let the music begin!

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