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Band Handbook

Table of Contents:

Mission Statement

Statement of Policy

Objectives of the Band Program

Attendance Policy

Conflicts with Band

Duties of the Band Member

Importance of Attitude

Importance of Discipline

Parent’s Responsibility to the Band

How Parents Can Help

Rules and Regulations

School-Owned Instrument Policy


Form Section

(Behavior Contract, Financial Commitment, Health, Travel, Volunteer Credit, Volunteer)


The objective of the Mundy's Mill High School Band is to offer its members transformative opportunities that encompass musical, educational, and social aspects, enabling each member to acquire practical skills and experience in all three areas. Incorporating traits such as commitment, discipline, and teamwork are crucial for the success of a member during and outside of performances. Participation in the MMHS Band fosters confidence, strong character, and an unwavering work ethic, which are indispensable for succeeding in college and the professional world.



A statement of band policy is provided here to aid band members and parents in grasping their responsibilities. By familiarizing themselves with this policy, individuals can fully take advantage of the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Mundy's Mill High School Band and grow as both a person and musician.


We strongly believe that students must continuously practice to enhance their skills. If a student lacks the motivation to do so or fails to contribute to the band, they are wasting the time and efforts of their peers and the community by remaining in the program. The happiest students are those who regularly practice and make steady progress. They must possess a strong sense of morality and adhere to principles while striving towards a higher purpose. Responsibility is a crucial aspect in achieving success within this program. Our goal is to cultivate an environment that encourages student learning and self-improvement.




  • 1. Encourage musical learning through performance.

  • 2. Enhance performance abilities for wind and percussion instruments.

  • 3. Meet musical needs of the school and community.

  • 4. Introduce students to Music Theory/History and its relevance to their lives and experiences.

  • 5. Provide a healthy social outlet and opportunity for self-expression.

  • 6. Cultivate teamwork and collaboration with peers within a large group setting.

  • 7. Develop leadership skills in all students.




Definition of an excused absence:


An excused absence refers to absence from school that is permitted, and examples include illnesses (confirmed by parents), family bereavement (confirmed by parents), religious holidays (confirmed by parents), and scheduled school-related conflicts (confirmed and justified by sponsors or coaches). Any other absence not included in the aforementioned categories will be assessed by the CCPS atendanc protocol. If the school acknowledges an absence as excused, so does the band.


Definition of an Unexcused Absence:

When a student misses a rehearsal or class without proper justification, it is classified as an unexcused absence. This can include instances such as being sick without parental confirmation, work-related obligations, failing to show up, unresolved conflicts with school schedules, and any other absence deemed unacceptable by CCPS.

Marching Band Attendance Policy:


The attendance policy for the Marching Band stipulates that failing to provide a valid excuse for missing a performance would result in being disqualified from participating in the subsequent one. Further, if there are three consecutive unexcused absences, the student could face suspension, and readmission to the band would only be possible after a conference with their parents. If the unexcused absences continue even after the parent meeting, the student would be expelled from the band.



For ALL absences, the following procedure must be followed by all students and parents:


  • Director must be notified, in writing, in advance. 

  • An absentee request form must be filled out and on file. This form is located in the band room.

  • For illness, a parent note or doctor’s excuse must be submitted.

  • In extreme cases, a last minute email may be sent to Mr. Lewis Sharpe or Mr. Jarodney Roberts WITH a follow-up explanation. 


The filling out of an absentee request form does not constitute whether an absence is excused. The above policy is cut and dry in regards to what is excused.



Band performances are the primary reason why you’re a part of the band, and therefore, they should be treated with immense importance. If you're unable to attend any performance due to a scheduling conflict, it’s imperative that you resolve it efficiently and proactively before the scheduled event. It's common knowledge that you might have a hectic schedule with studying, assignments, exams, work, and several other commitments. However, it is not fair to let other members of the band down by missing out on the performances. While it may feel challenging to prioritize one activity over the other, it’s important to understand the level of commitment band requires from you. Band members rely on each other to perform at their best, and if one member fails to perform, it can impact the entire group's performance. In essence, when you join the band, you’re making a commitment to fulfill your responsibilities to the best of your abilities. You’re also committing to the other members of the band whom you will support and work with collaboratively. By being responsible and proactive, you can ensure that you don't miss out on any performance and fulfill your commitment to the band.




  • 1. Arrive early to all rehearsals and performances; on time is considered late.

  • 2. Immediately set up and prepare upon entering rehearsals.

  • 3. Cease all talking when the director or staff member takes the podium or requests attention.

  • 4. Bring a positive attitude to rehearsals and leave personal problems behind.

  • 5. Make a daily effort to improve and establish a consistent practice routine.

  • 6. Properly store all materials, including music, instruments, stand, and chair.

  • 7. Maintain good grades.

  • 8. Assume responsibility for your own actions and admit when you are wrong.

  • 9. Show proper respect for yourself and authority figures.

  • 10. Play with passion.




The greatest single factor that will determine the success of any individual or organization is attitude. The kind of person that you are is an individual choice and how we feel about something, which involves attitude, is one of the few actual independent choices that we have in life. It takes intense dedication to reach goals. Students should learn to discipline themselves to practice daily! The “right attitude” must be present along with sincerity, concentration, and dedication as the basic foundation. Such an attitude is the fundamental difference between a successful, winning organization and a mediocre group of high school students. You who are in band are a select few. The band can do a lot for you. Make the most of it in every rehearsal and performance. 




Because of the nature of the organization, band discipline must be strict. Band students and parents must believe in the ideals, principles, and philosophy of the organization. Each member must always be aware of good behavior and think for himself. Any misconduct casts a bad light on the school, community, and band program. Any member who casts discredit to the organization by his/her conduct or actions in band, in another class, or on a trip, shall be subject to the loss of privileges within the program or dismissal from the band. This may include the chance to go on trips, etc. This decision will be at the director’s discretion. 




It is the responsibility of every parent and guardian to see that the policies outlined in the handbook are followed and that the form in the back is signed and returned. This states that you understand the policies as set within, and that any questions are to be directed to the band director through email or a pre-arranged appointment. Each parent is responsible for the attendance of their child at all band functions. It is the responsibility of each parent to see that their child practices his/her instrument daily! 




When a “band question” arises, it is important that you get factual information before discussing it with others. We do more harm to ourselves, the band family, when we talk about things that contain one or more falsehoods but consider them facts. If questions arise in regards to performance issues or anything dealing with the band as a whole, please contact Mr. Sharpe and Mr. Gaines. If it is a fundraising question or anything dealing with parent volunteer issues, please speak with the individual responsible for that task. 


Also, please take the following tips as “pointers” for a band parent:

  • Show an interest in the music study of your child.

  • Arrange a regular time for your child to practice.

  • Find a quiet place where they can practice without interruption.

  • Stay current on your financial obligations to the band.

  • Come up with a reward system for DAILY practice.

  • Keep the instrument in good repair and keep at least three reeds in the case; and get a metronome!

  • Be extra-careful with school-owned instruments. Repair costs are high!

  • Provide private lessons!

  • Make faithful attendance at all band activities important.

  • Buy your child a personal planner for marking important dates.

  • Keep the handbook in a safe place and refer to it often.

  • Notify the teacher if the student is to be absent for rehearsals or lessons.

  • Attend meetings, concerts, games, and contests.





Band Room Facility:


The use of band facilities before, after, and during school is a privilege. Students who abuse the facility will be discipline accordingly. Any abuse or damage will be considered vandalism. The following rules and procedures are now in place:



  • There will be no horseplay in the band room.

  • All percussion and auxiliary equipment is off limits to anyone not specifically designated to use them.

  • Auxiliary equipment is not to be used in the band room during school hours. Never spin flags or batons in the band room.

  • No student should be in the band office without a staff member present or permission from a staff member. 

  • Parents of students who remain after school DURING MARCHING BAND SEASON must sign a “medical release form”, available in the band office. This form contains vital information and must be on file.

  • Practice rooms are to be used for personal practice or lessons by an instructor. They are not to be used for hanging out!

  • The band office is a place of business. IF THE DOOR IS SHUT, PLEASE KNOCK FIRST. Telephone use should be kept to a minimum and permission is required. 

  • Bullying of any kind, verbal and/or physical, will not be tolerated.


Marching Band:


Football games:


  • Report time for all games will be announced on Thursday prior to the game.

  • Students should wear the full uniform unless otherwise noted.

  • For home games, students will be dismissed, as a group, following the 

  • Only uniformed band members are allowed in the band section. 

  • All members must remain in their section’s area!

  • No eating or drinking in the stands. Eat before the game!


Band Traveling:


  • No hanging out of bus windows.

  • Please keep the bus clean; pick up after yourselves and always thank the chaperones and driver!

  • Boys and Girls are not permitted to sit next to one another on the bus. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Always represent yourself and program in a positive, classy way.




  • Parents and students will be responsible for paying for any incurred charges/damages in the room.

  • Rooms are to be locked at all times.

  • There will be no one of the opposite sex in your room.

  • Please refrain from playing instruments in the room.

  • All school rules regarding behavior, alcohol, etc., will be enforced.

  • Profanity is not a part of our organization! Make sure your language is not vulgar or offensive!

  • Band members are expected to be at the right place, at the right time, ready to go!



  • Shoes and socks must be worn at all times for outside practices. 

  • Chewing gum is not permitted during a rehearsal of any kind.

  • Food and drink are not permitted in the band room!

  • Respect authority and others, including their personal property.

  • Drinking, smoking, and drugs are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. All CCPS policies regarding such are in force during any band activity. 

  • Hazing is never tolerated and will be reported to the proper authorities immediately.

  • Any damage/abuse/vandalism is the responsibility of the student and parents.

  • Students may practice in the band room before or after school only if directors are present. Students must ask to use practice rooms. They are first come, first serve. Do NOT assume directors will be present after school everyday. 







  • All instrument information MUST be on file in the MMHS Band Office. 

  • Any damages/repairs are the SOLE responsibility of the student. 

  • Mistreatment of school owned equipment will result in the loss of the privilege to use the instrument.

  • Any student who mistreats school owned equipment will be required to obtain the same instrument for use in band. An inability to do so will result in removal from the band program.

  • Bottom Line: DO NOT MISTREAT EQUIPMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mission Statement
A Statement of Policy
Duties of the Ban Member
Parents Responsibility
How Parents Can Help
Rules and Regultions
School Instrument
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