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Lewis Sharpe Jr.

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Stanley Gaines

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MHSBB.2 - Performing on instruments, alone and with others through a varied repertoire of music.

  • Recognize characteristic tone quality utilizing proper embouchure, playing position, posture, breathing techniques, articulation, and appropriate percussion technique. 


  • Demonstrate proper warm-up techniques through the use of long tones, lip slurs, chorales, and technical exercises. 


  • Recognize the following ensemble skills through performance of musical literature: rehearsal etiquette, dynamic expression, style, blend and balance, steady tempo, rhythmic accuracy, and intonation. 


  • Demonstrate all performance skills through “sight-reading” performance of music literature at the appropriate level. 

Learning Targets


1. I can maintain my uniform and appearance to meet high standards for performance.

2. I can be professional during rehearsals and performances.

3. I can play my instrument with proper posture.

4. I can play my music memorized when required.

5. I can play my part at a mastery level alone or in a group.

6. I can develop good practice habits to achieve mastery of all above learning targets.