Course Syllabus

Mundy’s Mill High School Bands

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Room: 402

Office Phone: 678.817.3000

Lewis Sharpe Jr. - Director of Bands

Stanley Gaines – Assistant Director of Bands



To become a world-class high school Comprehensive Band Program. In the process, develop student musicians who enjoy performing music of the highest caliber and are willing to practice in such a way to develop their skills to the highest standards. Above all else, we desire to nurture a student’s love for music. At the conclusion of the course the student will be able to:

     1) Exhibit accurate individual, sectional and ensemble intonation and rhythm along with fundamental and advanced instrumental              techniques while performing a varied repertoire of music within the ensemble.

     2) Perform expressively a varied repertoire of music representing styles and diverse cultures within the ensemble.

     3) Utilize standard musical terminology to describe intervals, music notation, chord structure, rhythm/meter, harmonic texture,                   form, and music symbols and terms referring to dynamics, tempo, and articulation.

     4) Utilize problem-solving skills to identify and correct problems with pitch, rhythm/meter, articulation, phrasing, and dynamics                   within a rehearsal setting.




The Mundy’s Mill HS Band program is a tiered program, meaning that students are grouped by skill level rather than age. It is through this structure that students are best served and are able to see steady improvement for their four-year involvement in the Band. The classes are structured as follows:

Beginning Concert Band (9th Grade): The Beginning Concert Band is the first full year of high school music instruction. Ownership or rental of instruments is strongly encouraged. This beginning band class develops skills on a variety of woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. Emphasis is given to providing a strong fundamental approach to their instrument. Rehearsal from the required music text will be accomplished daily as well as developmental music theory assignments. The MMHS Beginning Concert Band is made up of students who display a level of musicianship appropriate for GMEA Grade 1 to 3 music.

Symphonic Band: The Symphonic Band is made up of students who display a level of musicianship appropriate for GMEA Grade 4 to 6 music. Admission is by audition only and may be revoked at any time at the discretion of the directors. It is in this ensemble that students will experience the preparation of music of an intermediate/advanced level of difficulty. Students in the Symphonic Band will be required to participate in GMEA Large Group Performance Evaluation in March. It is required that students in Concert Band also prepare an audition for GMEA All-State Band.


Jazz Ensemble: The Jazz Ensemble is made up of students who display a level of musicianship appropriate for GMEA Grade 5 and 6 music. Admission is by audition only and may be revoked at any time at the discretion of the directors. It is in this ensemble that students will experience the preparation of music of an intermediate/advanced level of difficulty. Student in the Jazz Ensemble will be required to participate in GMEA Large Group Performance Evaluation in March with the Symphonic Band. It is required that students in the Jazz Ensemble also prepare an audition for GMEA All-State appropriate Concert / Symphonic, or Jazz Band.



Each student should have an intermediate / professional quality instrument in proper working order for every rehearsal. You will need appropriate accessories as well including a pencil at every rehearsal and a metronome for home practice. Any personal instrument needing repair should be taken care of immediately. Even though practice time is not graded, you are expected to practice a minimum of 2 hours per week outside of class. You are expected to be highly proficient in the performance of your music come performance time. There is a distinct difference between practice, where you learn your own part, and rehearsal, where you learn how your part fits into the big picture. To that end, you must spend time on your own learning your individual part so we can make the most of our rehearsal time. I will work very hard to choose music that is exciting and worthwhile and provide a rehearsal that is worth being a part of. I ask that you do your part by working hard, taking ownership of your music, and coming prepared to excel on a daily basis.



Students are expected to have all materials at every rehearsal. These materials include but are not limited to:

  • Assigned Music Folder Brass:

  • A pencil at all rehearsals

  • Blue 1⁄2 inch 3-ring binder



  • Mouthpiece

  • At least three functional reeds at all times

  • Rovner Ligature

  • Neck strap (if applicable)

  • Cork grease (if applicable)




  • Mouthpiece

  • Valve oil or slide cream



  • 1 Pair Vic Firth SD1 Snare Drum Sticks

  • 1 Pair Mike Balter Medium Unwound Xylophone Mallets

  • 1 Pair Vic Firth American Custom Timpani Mallets

  • 1 Pair Grover Soft Yellow Yarn Mallets

  • Stick bag

  • Practice Pad


All music will be distributed in digital format. Students will have ample time to print their own music or view it electronically during rehearsals. All band students will be given a music folder. You are responsible for obtaining and maintaining a copy of each piece that you are assigned. A copy of all ensemble music will be placed in Google Classroom for your convenience.



Grading will be largely contingent on the student’s ability to play assigned materials. Students will be responsible for practicing the assigned material outside of the school day. Since this is an ensemble class, daily participation is an integral part of the class. Having all required supplies at every rehearsal is essential to our success. If you miss performances, it is almost impossible to receive an A or B in the class. If a performance is missed an alternate assignment may be given depending on the legitimacy of the absence.


Without proper rehearsal etiquette we cannot achieve the high standards for which we strive. Your final grade will be determined by:

  • Preparation of Music (prior to rehearsal)

  • Degree of professionalism exhibited in rehearsals and performances.

  • Attendance and promptness to performances.

  • Attendance and promptness to rehearsals.

  • Attendance and promptness to sectionals as called.




Grading breakdown:

  • 15% - Homework (SmartMusic Assessments) 25% - Classwork (Daily Participation)

  • 10% - Quizzes (Theory Assignments) 10% - Projects (Rehearsals)

  • 20% - Tests (Performances)

  • 20% - Final Exam


Members of the Symphonic and Concert Bands will present between 1 and 4 concerts a semester. Concerts are required formal events for all band students. It is the nature of this subject that materials are presented in a professional, public format, which is unique to the arts classes. Students may not be excused from concerts for any reasons not predetermined by the Band Directors. Students will be required to dress appropriately for their performance and must stay for the duration of the entire concert.




Females participating in the Mundy’s Mill High School Band Program will be required to purchase a black floor-length dress for. Pearl earrings and necklaces are the only form of jewelry that can be worn. Males are required to purchase a black tuxedo and a white tuxedo shirt with a black bow tie. Black socks and dress shoes must be worn.




It is our expectation that all Mundy’s Mill High School Band students attend all rehearsals. Of course, we recognize that conflicts arise, and, given the proper notification and documentation, excused absences will never count against a student. To be early is to be on time: Being on time is paramount for our bands to run efficiently and to maximize the time we’re given to rehearse. During class, students are given until 3 minutes after the final bell rings to be in place, warming up, getting “ready to play”. For all other rehearsals, it is expected that the students will be in place and warming up at the time the rehearsal begins. This, of course, means they will need to arrive prior to the rehearsal beginning.




Absences will be handled according to the policies set forth in the Clayton County Public Schools Student Handbook.




All students shall follow the tenets of common decency and acceptable behavior conducive to a positive learning environment. In order to maintain a focused learning environment it is required that all cellular phones be turned off or made inaudible during class. Unauthorized use of cellular phones or other electronic devices during instructional time will result in the device being confiscated and turned in to the main office.

Classroom Rules:

  • Be seated on time.

  • Have all materials and supplies. Failure to do so will result in an alternate written assignment.

  • Respect all equipment and supplies.

  • Follow all directions the first time given.

  • Do not use profanity or derogatory language.

  • Do not distract anyone.

  • No food, drinks, or candy in the band room.

  • Absolutely NO TALKING during instructional time for any reason, unless otherwise instructed.

  • Students will remain in their assigned seat at all times unless otherwise instructed.




  • 1st offense – Written behavior assessment assignment

  • 2nd offense – 1-hour detention, parent contacted, and forfeiture of participation grade

  • 3rd offense – Office referral

  • Severe Behavior – Immediate office referral; parent contact within 24 hours